Friday, August 28, 2009

WORDS ! - - - More intoxicating than the HERBS !

many tho' would disagree - - - without the herbs, your mind's not free

so I re-think my phrase - - - OBVIOUSLY!

WORDS - - - are as intoxicating as the HERBS

But that's before we had the 'DO'

the 'Holy smoke', 'the witches brew'

Our minds went forth quite unrestricted

the old, the young & even those afflicted.

so I decide with great elation

to revise my former assertation.

I now know what I need to do

Just counter-pose the former two !

HERBS - - - More intoxicating than the WORDS

It starts out with wanting new shoes & new dresses

but the action of purchase, soon just distresses.
Its sweeping the county - this 'Brand' new disease
A consumptive virus - spread by greed, not a sneeze
But as everyone's buying - the stuff that they rave
its no longer exclusive - the crap that you crave
it don't make you feel good, or make you look pretty
& the credit reminders, just make you feel shitty !
Your random social conscience
leaves me feeling quite perplexed
'cos while you drink your Fairtrade coffee
You buy your clothes from next !
You mourn your missing money
& its not a path you'd choose
But in the bank of squandered millions
Fred the Shred, can never lose
Now you've lost your chance of a mortgage
& the country's in a mess
Gordon Brown says Pull Together
But the bankers come out best !
You really put your foot down
trying hard not to be late
So you're traveling at 90
instead of 68.
& I know you're in a hurry
but I still don't think its fair
'cos in your bid for promptness
you're polluting all our air !
When you read your morning papers - all the horror & the trash
& you come across this message - placed in part to make you laugh
please look upon it kindly & let it lighten up your load
turn your back on the scandal mongers & choose another road !
so lighten up your load - when for the perfect life you strive
But remember - however careful - no one exits here Alive !
So drink your banana daiquiri
& have your bit of fun
& ignore the death in the banana fields
beneath the setting sun